Developed with you in mind.

myPlant* allows you to leverage real-time and historic engine operational data for advanced asset monitoring and easier operational planning.

It all starts with your industrial assets. myPlant can be connected to all types of data sources. While the most popular assets are gas engines, all kinds of balance of plant equipment, third-party gas engines, and even already available SCADA systems can act as data sources.

Real-time data is fetched from data sources using the connectivity agent of the engine controllers (DIA.NE* or ESM*2) or a myPlant Connectivity Box (myCoBo), which is an industrial PC with a tailored myPlant operating system.

The connectivity agents send the fetched data into the myPlant databases by using either wire-based internet connections or by employing wireless routers. Stored data is protected by encryption.

The integration of asset related databases and internet services enables the aggregation of asset data with data coming from the commercial eco systems.


You can access the asset data in several ways:

  • The browser-based Web client offers full myPlant functionality.
  • The Mobile App provides basic access to the fleet data—anywhere and anytime.
  • The Remote Access App supports a direct connection to Jenbacher and Waukesha engine controllers.
  • The Data Services offer an API interface that delivers a full set of asset data from the myPlant databases for use in third-party applications.