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INNIO* gives your industrial assets a digital life with the myPlant* Asset Performance Management (APM) solution. Now you can take your engine data with you wherever you go, knowing that our strong protective cybersecurity policies will help keep your operations secure throughout your Jenbacher engines’ lifetime.

What is transferred to INNIO’s myPlant solution?

Only essential data is transferred.

  • To give you the insights you need on your industrial assets’ operation, we transfer operational data from control systems (such as voltages and engine state) and notification data (such as messages, warnings and alarms).
  • Personal data is not transferred; however, your name and email are required to create the myPlant user account that allows access to your engine data.

Is my data protected?

Yes, your data is protected.

  • All transferred data is fully encrypted and protected. It is transmitted end-to-end through the Internet-standard HTTPS protocol, which provides encryption via Transport Layer Security (TLS).
  • INNIO security experts maintain and operate the security infrastructure with strict software standards and technologies that are implemented and enforced across the entire system.
  • Access to the myPlant system is strictly controlled and managed by selected technical support personnel or administrators.

Is access to my Jenbacher engine control system protected?

We protect access with multiple security measures.

  • Additional credentials with independent restrictions are required when the DIA.NE* control system is accessed remotely.
  • Any remote access activity is tracked to protect your control system from unauthorized access.
  • Our hosting infrastructure setup allows customers to restrict connections to a minimum and implement state-of-the-art traffic controls.
  • For even more protection against unauthorized access, we offer an optional two-factor authorization process. This means that any remote access attempt must be approved by onsite personnel before a connection can be established.

Our comprehensive security model

How our security architecture protects your data

Cybersecurity 1

We are INFORMATION and CYBER security certified:

ISO/IEC 27001 certified

Standard for information security management systems (ISMS)

IEC 62443-4-1 certified

Security for industrial automation and control systems - Part 4-1: Secure product development lifecycle requirements