Seamless connectivity is only a few steps away.

Your journey with myPlant* starts with a connected industrial asset—yours. Let's see what that means.

To ensure a smooth myPlant experience, your asset needs to be connected to a stable internet line.

Here are the key requirements:

  • Permanent internet connection such as company network, fiber optic, cable, DSL, or cellular 3G/4G internet access
  • Recommended connection speed: minimum 128 kB/s upload and 2 MB/s download
  • Expected data volume: 250 MB – 3 GB per engine/month

Hardware requirements: Engines equipped with recent INNIO* control systems (such as DIA.NE* XT4 and ESM*2) do not require additional hardware and can be easily connected to myPlant. To connect older control system versions, or assets different than INNIO engines, additional hardware may be required.

Jenbacher gas engines*

  • DIA.NE XT3 with DIA.NE WIN: No additional hardware required
  • Previous version of DIA.NE control systems (DIA.NE XT and DIA.NE Blue): additional hardware may be required, depending on the onsite configuration. Please contact INNIO's Technical Support Team for an assessment of your particular requirements.

Waukesha gas engines* To connect your Waukesha gas engine to myPlant:

  • Additional hardware is not required to collect your engine-only data on engines equipped with ESM2 controls.
  • Additional hardware and the myPlant Connectivity Box (myCoBo) are required for your driven equipment and balance of plant connections.

Other assets To gain a more holistic view of your site, you also can connect your non-INNIO equipment to myPlant.

This may include driven equipment, auxiliaries, or non-INNIO power-generating units.

Additional hardware is required to establish such connections.

Note: Additional hardware may not be required if the data is already included on the DIA.NE control system (such as for INNIO auxiliaries or Master Control panels).

Where do I start? Contact us today to discover how you can connect your engines or other assets to myPlant.