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*Currently only available in selected countries serviced directly by the Jenbacher brand

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The Customer Connect mobile app—part of INNIO’s myPlant Performance platform—gives you smart insights that help you optimize your Jenbacher assets while also simplifying your interactions with our Service team, any time you need them.

Our myPlant Performance solution lets you monitor your engine’s real-time data as well as analyze historical performance. And now, with our Customer Connect mobile app, our experts have taken myPlant’s capabilities even further. The app delivers custom insights and suggestions based on predictions made after closely monitoring your specific Jenbacher assets. By leveraging historical data from the past, the app provides relevant information to make your everyday tasks easier and more efficient. That means your engines run better today ... and tomorrow. Additionally, the app allows you to easily reach out to your Jenbacher Service representative and Technical Support experts who are readily available to assist you.

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