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All-in-one energy management, simplified.

With Energy Management (EM), you can see increased profits, gain better heat and electrical energy planning, and increase your operational efficiency. Designed to save you time and tailored to your specific needs. INNIO’s all-in-one Energy Management solution allows you to easily manage your operations so you can focus on your core business. With the ability to adapt to changing energy and heat demands, Energy Management can help you increase your profits—without adding to your workload.

Tailored optimization for our customers

Municipal utility operators

Increase efficiency and profitability at your CHP/iCHP sites

Biogas plant operators

See how we can increase your plant’s profitability while simplifying your processes.

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Available in selected countries. "Optimization/optimize" refers to the automatically generated recommendations for action by the myPlant energy management solution to improve the status quo of electricity trading and resource-efficient plant operation.